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Mission Statement:

The mission of the KTTT Pecan Farm Department is to produce high quality pecans in order to successfully compete with other wholesalers in the sell of in-shell pecans.

Department Functions:

• Provide the pecan trees with the proper fertilization.
• Maintain adequate soil moisture levels of the Pecan Orchard by irrigation.
• Prune the Pecan Trees during their dormant season.
• Spray the trees with the proper insecticides and pesticides when needed.
• Maintain landscaping of the Pecan Orchard.
• Prepare and maintain harvest equipment functioning properly for harvest season.
• Harvest Pecans in early September to November.


The Pecan Farms’ operational goal is to maintain an annual moderate crop production of high quality nuts.

Rodolfo Garza Jr.

Pecan Farm Supervisor

o.(830) 872-0407
f.(830) 757-5735

Luz E. Vasquez

Pecan Farm Administrative Assistant

o.(830) 421-5410
f.(830) 757-5735