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Vaccines Keep Children Healthy

Vaccines can prevent common diseases that used to seriously harm or even kill infants, children, and adults. Without vaccines, your child is at risk of becoming seriously ill or even dying from childhood diseases such as measles and whooping cough.

Get Yourself and Your Family Vaccinated

Vaccines aren’t just for children anymore. Adults need vaccines to protect against measles, tetanus, whooping cough, flu, hepatitis, chickenpox, pneumococcal, and more.

Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas

Community Health Center Mission Statement:

To contribute to the health and well-being of tribal members and non-tribal members who reside in Maverick County by providing excellent primary health care in a personalized manner through best practices and health education.


The following values guide the Kickapoo Community Health Center’s mission:

  • Respect: Our community is culturally diverse.  Treat everyone with respect and dignity.
  • Healing: The well-being of the whole person is important to promote healing.  Respect the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families.
  • Excellence: Service excellence is our priority. Deliver the highest quality service through the dedicated effort of every team member.
  • Compassion: Patient satisfaction is imperative to our mission.  Use sensitivity and empathy in caring for patients and their families.
  • Integrity: Patients place their trust in us.  Follow the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility.
  • Teamwork: It takes a team to provide the best possible health care.  Acknowledge the efforts of the team toward patient centered care.
  • Education:  We value education at all staff levels. From support staff to physicians educate to the highest level of services.


  • To ensure that the patient experience is positive in all service areas, from the time of call for an appointment, to the medical care received, and to the patient financial services.
  • To promote a professional and fulfilling work environment for the employees and physicians in order to enhance the quality of care.
  • To provide value, respect and professionalism to the Kickapoo Community and the residents of Maverick County.

Message for the KTTT Community

At  KTTT Clinic our number one priority is and always has been the health, safety, and wellbeing of our patients, families, and tribal community. Right now, that includes taking special steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus, also called COVID-19. We want to keep you updated and informed of the plans, precautions, and information as it pertains to COVID-19.

As of Tuesday, March 17:
1. We will be limiting non-urgent clinic appointments.
• All follow-up appointments at this time, unless they are necessary, will be re­ scheduled.
• All wellness visits unless the patient is a newborn, or wellness visit that entails immunizations (“shots”), will be re-scheduled.
• All “walk-in” appointments, unless urgent or unable to speak by phone, will be asked to return to their vehicle in the parking lot and will be triaged via telephone call by nurse.
• Pregnant patients will be referred to their OB for care given the high-risk nature of COVID-19 and pregnant females.
2. If you wish to be seen by a medical provider (“doctor”), you will first be phone triaged by a nurse and an attempt will be made to resolve your medical concern via telephone call with the nurse or doctor, when and if necessary, will be conducted. If we are unable to take care of your medical needs via telephone call, we will direct you to emergency services when we feel it is necessary or schedule an appointment at the clinic.
3. Routine lab testing (e.g., labs at wellness visits) will be put on hold. However, patients who are required to be obtain labs on a frequent basis (i.e., cancer, dialysis, and transplant patients, etc.) will continue.
4. We will be allowing for refills (3-6 months) of medications without the need to be seen. Please call (830) 421-5930 for refills.
5.  At this time the dental clinic will only be open for dental emergencies. However, you may still speak to a dental staff member, and if needed, to the dental provider for evaluation and care via a telephone call. Each case will be reviewed, and if a face-to­ face encounter is necessary, an appointment will be made for you at the clinic.
6. We will be limiting visitors to the clinic. Only the patient being seen and a caregiver or “provider” will be allowed in with the patient. If a pediatric patient, only the parent(s) or legal guardian will be allowed.
7. All scheduled appointments will “check-in” via telephone call at (830) 421-5930 from
the patient’s vehicle when in the parking lot rather than coming into the clinic and
checking in at the front desk. When an exam room is ready, they will be called into the clinic. We will make exceptions for elder(s) who may not have access to a phone or are medically unable to check in via phone.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. The entire team at KTTT Clinic is committed to your health and safety. We will continue to keep you updated as new information becomes known and if any changes to this policy are required.

Vaccination Policy

The Kickapoo Community Health Center follows the vaccination schedule that is recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). As part of our dedication to making the health of your child our top priority, we seize every chance to offer vaccines.

For latest Vaccine schedule from CDC click on a link below:

For additional questions regarding vaccines, please call (830) 421-5930 or visit: