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Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas

Community Enrollment Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas Enrollment Department is to carry out the responsibilities of enrollment as deemed necessary by the Kickapoo Tribe Constitution and By-Laws. To protect the documentation provided for and by tribal members; to assist with integrity, accuracy and the utmost respect of confidentiality.

Membership Requirement

The membership of the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas shall consist of the following persons:

(a) All persons of Indian Blood whose name appear on New Base Roll 2016, printed on November 18, 2016, and approved by Tribal Council November 21, 2016.
(b) All children born to a member of the Tribe who are at least one -fourth (1/4) degree Kickapoo Indian blood.
(c) All persons that have resided within the jurisdiction of the Tribe for ten (10) years.
(d) All persons that have relinquished their membership in the other tribe.
(e) The application for membership is reviewed and approved by the Membership Committee.

Required Documents

  1. APPLICATION: Complete fully, put N/A for Not Applicable where necessary, sign and date.
  2. APPLICATION PROCESSING FEE- $25 dollar non-refundable processing application fee (Must be paid at accounting, please attach receipt with application)
  3. FAMILY TREE: Complete, as thoroughly as possible, to trace your Kickapoo ancestry.
  4. BIRTH CERTIFICATE: We must have the original certified copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate. Must be certified by the State Department of Public Health of Vital Records Division from the state the applicant was born. A hospital record or document is not sufficient proof of birth.
  5. SOCIAL SECURITY CARD: We must have the original.
  6. PROOF OF RESIDENCY: i.e. Electricity bill, and Employment Verification. Documents must show Member has lived within the jurisdiction of the tribe for a minimum of three (3) consecutive years preceding the date of application.
  7. RELINQUISHMENT: Filed a relinquishment statement with other tribe. (If applicable)
  8. COURT ORDERED DOCUMENTS: Legal Adoption/ Custody Documents, Paternity Affidavits.
  9. RETURN C.D.I.B / B.I.A CARD: From other tribe.
  10. Any documentation that proves you meet the Membership requirements.

Please be advised, it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the Enrollment department with all the required documents.
If the applicant is enrolled with another tribe, the applicant must file the relinquishment form on their own, and submit a verification letter with the application.

Relinquishment forms are available upon request.

Crystal Romo

Crystal Romo

Enrollment Supervisor

Lorenza Suke

Lorenza Suke

Tribal Enrollment Clerk

Zulema Garza

Zulema Garza

Tribal Enrollment Clerk

Rosalee Suke

Rosalee Suke

Administrative Assistant


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