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Mission Statement:

Conserving Tribal owned properties, and water supply for which all wild life depends on.


• Homesteading the property will be the foundation for property development and will be accomplished by the addition of two modular homes for residential and administrative use.

•  The existing entrance roadway that is shared with surrounding neighbors will be repaved with onsite natural materials.

Benjamin Jensen

Ranch Director

Phone: (830)872-0400
Fax: (830)773-3062

Baleria Balboa

Administrative Assistant

Property Description:

Spofford Ranch consists of approximately 10,000 acres of open range and is located 1.6 miles south of Spofford, Texas. Currently the ranch consists of mainly horses, cattle, hogs, fish, deer, coyote and occasional bobcat sightings. Water is supplied by one solar powered well, four run-off tanks and several natural lakes that sustain and nurture wildlife growth.