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EVS/Janitorial Mission Statement:

Our mission is to maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment in an efficient and professional manner to ensure building safety and comfort within the Tribal buildings.

The Maintenance Department is committed to maintaining the buildings and its exterior grounds in a safe and attractive condition. Maintenance provides a continuous program of repair, replacement, installation and modification to the sites.

Department Functions

  • Provide a safe, clean and well maintained interior environment of all the departments.
  • Provide a safe, well maintained, visually pleasing exterior grounds and landscaping.
  • Repair and restructure any damages.
  • Renovate and paint offices.
  • Strip, wax and buff floors as well as shampooing and vacuuming of carpets.
  • Assemble furniture.
  • Setup for events within the departments and also provide tables and chairs for weekend events held at the wellness center.
  • Cleaning supplies, coffee supplies and gatorade are kept in inventory and distributed within the departments.

Goal and Objectives

  • The primary objective of the EVS/Janitorial Department is to oversee that work is done efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • To follow procedures and guidelines to prevent any accidents in the workplace.

Request a Service

  • Submit work order with the details of the service being requested.
  • Ensure the items needed for repair are available.
  • Follow work order procedure to complete task.

Contact Information

Enrique Suke


Santa Orta

Asst. Manager

Alma Lara

Maintenance Supervisor

Tammy Ocegueda


2212 Rosita Valley Road, Eagle Pass, TX 78852