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Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas

In order to be considered for any vacancy within the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas an application must be completed. If you are among qualified candidates, you will receive a call/email from our one of our recruiters to schedule an interview. Once your application is completed please send it to Human Resources Coordinator Ricardo Barcena ricardo.barcena@ktttribe.org

Employment Application


Responsible for planning and implementation of the classroom program.  This includes but is not limited to assisting children with self-care activities, indoor and outdoor learning activities, meal or snack time activities, and student transportation duties.

 Essential Duties and responsibilities include the following:

 Prevention and Early Intervention 

  • Support services and individualization activities for children.
  • Conduct ongoing observations in support of screening and assessments and have individualization documentation.
  • Reinforce lessons by reviewing material with students one-on-one or in small groups
  • Support a healthy and nurturing environment for all children.
  • Support staff and child ratios.
  • Provide First Aid/CPR as required.
  • Provide ongoing observations in support of screening and assessments.
  • Provide weekly lesson
  • Sit and eat with children during all meal times; provide and model good nutrition habits
  • Support a healthy and nurturing environment for all children.
  • Support staff and child ratios.


  • Implement appropriate redirection practices to assist all children.
  • Plan for individual needs of children.
  • Provide daily documentation in reference to daily observations.
  • Release children from the bus to the parents, guardians or to persons who have been designated by the parents and documented in the child’s file only.
  • Serve as an information liaison between the program staff and the parents.

 Disability Services

  • Accompany children with disabilities to special need appointments when necessary.
  • Assist in the recruitment of children, including children with disabilities.
  • Collaborate with appropriate staff regarding individual child’s needs based on daily observations.
  • Provide a supportive and inclusive environment for all children.


  • Collaborate with colleagues with the development and implementation of lesson plans
  • Encourage caregiver to provide input which support the development of the weekly lesson plans.
  • Ensure all aspects of child development are integrated in classroom activities and reflected in lesson plans.
  • Establish an open and ongoing communication with parents.
  • Implementation of the curriculum.
  • Maintain documentation and record keeping.

 Family Partnership Building

  • Maintains open communication with parents. Builds relationships with children to create a positive, safe, and welcoming culture.
  • Participate in the program’s assessments, i.e. community assessment and self-assessments.
  • Support parent participation in lesson plan development.
  • Support parents in their understanding of child development.
  • Support parents’ understanding of community agreement in reference to how they affect them or their child.

 Parent Involvement

  • Encourage parental involvement and participation in parent meetings and workshops.
  • Support parent participation in local parent meetings.
  • Support parental participation in the development of weekly lesson plans.

 Community Partnership

  • Is familiar with and support collaborative agreements with the community and community partners.

Specific Systems Duties…Eligibility, Recruitment, Enrollment, and Attendance

  • Knowledgeable of program requirements in the area of eligibility, recruitment, enrollment, and attendance.
  • Supports and participates in the recruitment of all children, especially in the recruitment of children with disabilities.

 Specific Systems Duties…Facilities, Materials, and Equipment

  • Assist in assuring material and equipment meet developmentally appropriate criteria for young children.
  • Continuously monitor for appropriate environments for children based on feedback from Child Development Coordinator or Curriculum Designee.
  • Knowledgeable about Head Start and Child Care Licensing requirements for appropriate facilities, equipment and materials.
  • Monitor children leaving the classroom, including the bus, so that they are released only to authorized persons.
  • Monitor children to keep them from entering dangerous situations or areas.
  • Provide appropriate materials and supplies to children throughout the day.
  • Report any unsafe, unhealthy or threatening item to program leadership.
  • Supervising students in class, between classes, during lunch and recess, and on field trips.
  • Support a positive environment by establishing clear expectations and consequences.


  • Attend staff meetings and trainings as requested.
  • Attend workshops, conferences and all in-service trainings.
  • Conduct daily lessons, including activities that are supportive of pedestrian and transportation safety.
  • Maintain a current physical examination on file.
  • Maintain regular attendance and notify supervisor when absent and/or late.
  • Maintain training hours and documentation as required in professional development binder.
  • Participate in emergency evacuation of buildings, to be conducted at least once a month.
  • Participate in professional development activities.
  • Participate in staff development programs in the area of Early Childhood Development.
  • Support guidance and redirection practices to support a healthy earning environment for all children.
  • Willing to participate in out of town and out of state travel for trainings.
  • Perform such other tasks as may be assigned from time to time by supervisor.

 Knowledge, skills and abilities for the position:

  • Ability to communicate effectively with Kickapoo families, employees, and other professionals.
  • Ability to exercise independent and sound judgment.
  • Ability to manage and maintain security of confidential data and information.
  • Ability to understand and apply Head Start Performance Standards and State Licensing requirements in the classroom.
  • Ability to understand and follow written and verbal direction.
  • Ability to work effectively without extensive supervision
  • Attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Cultural awareness of and sensitivity to Kickapoo traditions, religious beliefs and way of life.
  • Language & Communication: Ability to read, write, speak and understand English and Spanish, and communicate effectively with others.
  • Mathematics: Ability to perform simple arithmetic for demonstrative calculations.
  • The candidate should be able to work with culturally and economically diverse students and have good written and verbal communication skills.

Education/experience requirements:

Minimum Qualifications: Associate’s Degree or 60 college hours leading to a degree in Early Childhood Education or related field with one year of experience in childcare or related field. An active Child Development Associate (CDA) with two year experience. Experience working with young children in a Head Start or other early childhood program.

 Preferred Qualifications: An Active CDA or Bachelor of Arts Degree is preferred.

 Native American preference is observed:

KTTT recognizes preference for KTTT tribal members and qualified Native American tribal members including preferential treatment in recruitment, hiring, promotions, layoffs and reductions in force so long as they meet minimum job qualifications.

Background Check

Requires successful completion of a background investigation that includes a fingerprint based criminal history search.

Name-Based Criminal Background Check with Texas Department of Public Safety

Department of Family & Protective Services Central Registry Check

Out-of-State Central Registry Check (if applicable)

Fingerprint-Based Criminal Background Check with Federal Bureau of Investigation and Texas Department of Public Safety.

Background Check with Sex Offender Registry



To apply for this job email your details to ricardo.bacena@ktttribe.org