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In order to be considered for any vacancy within the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas an application must be completed. If you are among qualified candidates, you will receive a call/email from our one of our recruiters to schedule an interview. Once your application is completed please send it to Human Resources Coordinator Claudia Gutierrez claudia.gutierrez@ktttribe.org

Employment Application

Job Description 

Position:                              Gaming Inspector   

Supervisor:                         Inspector Supervisor          

Division:                              Kickapoo Traditional Council        

Department:                        Gaming Commission


The Gaming Inspector will monitor gaming operations for compliance with all requirements of the minimum internal control standards (MICS), Kickapoo Gaming Ordinance, Kickapoo Gaming Commission (KGC) Regulations and the facility’s internal control standards. Conducts compliance checks, monitors electronic gaming devices (EGD) and EPROM chips compliance.  Conducts facility inspections.  Coordinates duties and reports.

Essential Duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Monitor gaming facility.
  • Observe patrons and employees to ensure compliance with MICS, Kickapoo Gaming Ordinance, KGC Regulations and the facility’s internal control standards.
  • Monitor gaming activities.
  • Write and follow up on all reported incidents/violations of regulations and internal controls.
  • Work closely with security, surveillance and investigators.
  • Make floor observations of illegal gaming practices and devices.
  • Report non-compliance activity in all departments.
  • Monitor money transfers and drop procedures.
  • Perform unannounced surveillance and monitoring visits continuously during shift to all public and secured areas of the gaming facility.
  • Observation of jackpot payouts and procedures.
  • Conduct inspections on EGDs being opened for any reason.
  • Monitor log sheets and incident reports.
  • Observe and document EGD logic board access.
  • Maintain control of gaming software and provides release of software.
  • Maintain possession and control of EGD RAM clear software.
  • Maintain possession and control of tamper proof of EGD SEALS and LICENSES.
  • Observe control software changes.
  • Check key control board log to ensure keys are all accounted for.
  • Monitor log sheet for key usage.
  • Review process and monitors activity for the installation and/or conversions of EGDs.
  • Gather evidence and facts for reports including witness statements.
  • Monitor gaming facility for any physical hazards or acts that would jeopardize the safety of patrons and employees.
  • Observe EGD coin testing and coin test reports.
  • Perform Inspections on EGDs prior to being placed on the gaming floor.
  • Responsible for applying SEALS and LICENSES on EGDs.
  • All KGC employees are responsible to ensure that their designated operations are in compliance with Tribal and Federal gaming regulations.
  • All KGC employees must abide by Kickapoo Gaming Commission confidentiality policies. The release or divulging of any information obtained during the course of the job will be considered a breach of confidentiality and will be cause for immediate termination.
  • Must avoid any circumstance that concludes the inspector’s independence has been compromised. Cannot have direct relatives or household members working in KLEC Softcount or Surveillance department. Cannot gamble at the facility for which he/she regulates.
  • Perform such other tasks as may be assigned from time to time by immediate supervisor.

Education/experience requirements:

Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma or graduation equivalent diploma (GED) required. Some experience in law enforcement, governmental regulatory activities, gaming or a closely related field.

Any equivalent combination of experience and education that will allow the applicant to satisfactorily perform the duties of the job may be considered when filling the position.

Preferred Qualifications: Demonstrated experience with a compliance and inspection focus is preferred.

Native American preference is observed:

KTTT recognizes preference for KTTT tribal members and qualified Native American tribal members including preferential treatment in recruitment, hiring, promotions, layoffs and reductions in force so long as they meet minimum job qualifications.

To apply for this job email your details to claudia.gutierrez@ktttribe.org