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In order to be considered for any vacancy within the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas an application must be completed. If you are among qualified candidates, you will receive a call/email from our one of our recruiters to schedule an interview. Once your application is completed please send it to Human Resources Coordinator Claudia Gutierrez claudia.gutierrez@ktttribe.org

Employment Application

Job Description

Position:                              Peace Officer

Supervisor:                         Director of Police

Division:                              Tribal Administration

Department:                        Law Enforcement


Under general supervision, performs a wide variety of peace officer duties involving the protection of life and property, enforcement of laws and tribal ordinances, criminal investigation, crime prevention and suppression, case preparation and testimony, and dissemination of information and assistance to the public; controls traffic flow and enforces traffic regulations and performs related work as required.


  • Patrols assigned areas to ensure the security of life and property, observe situations and deter crime by providing high visibility. Conducts commercial/industrial security checks of closed facilities while on patrol.
  • Responds to suspicious activities and answers emergency calls for service.
  • Enforces Tribal ordinances; issues verbal warnings and citations; pursues and apprehends suspects and requests assistance as required.
  • Interviews suspected violators of the law by giving careful and timely consideration to the individual’s constitutional rights resulting in lawfully obtained incriminating statements.
  • Attempt to locate witnesses of reported crimes and interview them for pertinent information.
  • Carefully evaluates each crime scene, establishes the elements of a particular crime and recognizes physical evidence.
  • Follows up on cases resulting in offender apprehension and property recovery.
  • Writes legible reports and other documents as required; prepare reports and other required documents using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Coordinates crime scene control and investigation, including interviews and interrogations, identification of witnesses, photographing, overseeing collection and preservation of physical evidence. Maintains the chain of evidence by properly marking, tagging, and storing in accordance with established rules of evidence and departmental procedures.
  • Restores order; protects life and property; maintains the peace at public gatherings and in conflict situations.
  • Prepares and documents cases, completes reports and records, and prepares and maintains other logs and records.
  • Transports criminals to the courts, hospitals and various other locations. Transports other involved parties as assigned.
  • Serves civil papers to local residents as assigned; researches and locates persons to be served.
  • Investigates traffic accidents and provides traffic and crowd control as necessary.
  • Retrieves, identifies and returns found property and/or evidence to owners.
  • Provides emergency aid and assistance to incapacitated persons and requests additional response.
  • Provides information, directions and other services and assistance to the public; speaks to individuals and groups explaining the law, police actions taken, safety and crime prevention measures, provides safety information to businesses.
  • Appears in court and testifies as required.
  • Maintains assigned equipment and vehicle in clean, serviceable condition.
  • Enforces tribal ordinances.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of investigations and cases and protects the privacy and constitutional rights of individuals.
  • Perform such other tasks as may be assigned from time to time by the Director of Police.


Minimum Qualifications: Must possess a Basic Academy Certificate from an approved police academy or equivalent. Possession of high school diploma or GED is required.
Within 90 days of appointment must obtain valid First Aid and CPR certificates.
Must be able to demonstrate fluency in both English and Spanish.

Preferred Qualifications: Previous work related experience is preferred.

Native American preference is observed:

KTTT recognizes preference for KTTT tribal members and qualified Native American tribal members including preferential treatment in recruitment, hiring, promotions, layoffs and reductions in force so long as they meet minimum job qualifications.

To apply for this job email your details to claudia.gutierrez@ktttribe.org