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In order to be considered for any vacancy within the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas an application must be completed. If you are among qualified candidates, you will receive a call/email from our one of our recruiters to schedule an interview. Once your application is completed please send it to the Human Resources Department HR@ktttribe.org

Employment Application

Job Description 

Position:                          Health Services Specialist/Coordinator (Nurse)

Supervisor:                     Senior Director of Academic Services

Division:                          Tribal Education Administration   

Department:                    Academic Services


A Health Services Specialist/Coordinator Nurse in such a position is responsible for ensuring health services for children/students across Tribal Education. This position is responsible for assisting in the implementation of the Health Services Plans for all applicable Tribal Education Centers and Programs. To that end, school nurses facilitate positive student responses to normal development; promote health and safety; intervene with actual and potential health problems; provide case management services; and actively collaborate with others to build student and family capacity for preventative healthcare, self-management, self-advocacy, health and nutritional learning. This work is performed under the administrative supervision of the Senior Academic Services Director or designee(s), any areas related to clinical supervision are deferred to KCHC supervision of the by applicable KCHC RN, or Medical Physician. 

Essential Duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Schedules and arranges appointments for medical and dental examination and treatments.
  • Collaborate with curriculum designee to facilitate health and nutrition education.
  • Performs routine health checks on children at the center and communicates with teachers, directors, and family services workers(s) regarding sick children in the classroom.
  • Conducts vision, hearing, and speech screening on the children.
  • Update medical screening files and records.
  • Reviews screening results, develops and implements follow-up plans.
  • Identifies records that are incomplete and follows up to gather, update and document pending information accurately.
  • Assists with the completion of social histories, nutrition forms, and other health forms.
  • Completes growth/body mass index charts for each child at least twice yearly.
  • Follows up with immunization requirements and other Health Services requirements
  • Provides referrals to KCHC with regard to coordinated services for pediatrics, Medicaid, Medicare, follow up appointments, health and nutrition, other evaluations, and pregnant mothers.
  • Refers parents/guardians when applicable to Tribes domestic violence program, social services, tribal police, or New Hope for substance abuse.
  • Provide first aid, documents incidents and reports to parents.
  • Dispense medication and keep record. Responsible for the administration of medication and safe storage of medication.
  • Ensures that any child who requires medication has updated documentation on file in the center including names of medications, dosages, frequency, duration, and start date and written physician orders and parental consent is in place. Is accountable for own errors in the administration of medication and treatment and reports accordingly.
  • Upon receipt of accurate documentation from parent and medical provider, must provide teachers with updated medical documentation related to children with medication, health, or nutritional requirements. If any teacher is required to administer medication will ensure all forms and records and trainings is coordinated with Health Specialist and KCHC where applicable.
  • Contacts parents to promote parent participation in the delivery of health services for their child and provide health counseling if needed.
  • Participate in Tribal Education Community and Self-Assessment.
  • Develop program improvement plans and goals as assigned by supervisor.
  • Required to meet data and compliance reporting deadlines for Health Services, Head Start, CCDF, and Tribal Student Services.
  • Submit Data Quality reports as per assigned deadlines with permission.
  • Responsible for keeping a log of all parent interactions per internal reporting procedures and external meeting requests.
  • Serves on case management committees for children with health impairments and other health concerns as assigned by supervisor.
  • Provides nutrition education to parents of children with nutrition concerns, and conducts case management.
  • Identifies children who have potential disabilities and health problems
  • Completes in-house referrals and agency referrals.
  • Required to keep nurse’s office with health services clean, sanitary and stocked with proper supplies to carry out duties.
  • Conducts Trainings applicable to Health Services
  • Conducts and maintains ongoing monitoring of Health Services for Childcare and Head Start
  • Attends and participates in meetings with KCHC as assigned by supervisor
  • Work as part of team to design, update, and develop education program COVID 19 Plans
  • Develop a system for COVID 19 Contact Tracing and reporting within the center
  • Assist to develop, update or revise policies and procedures for supervisor review to ensure compliance with grants Health and Safety
  • Participate in Quality Improvement as required.
  • Documents and reports concerns or situations related to child abuse and neglect to ICW and supervisor.
  • Promotes and believes in Tribal Education vision and mission
  • Inputs data in electronic or other file system designated as assigned
  • Completes and disseminates health/nutrition data
  • Participates in assigned Education events
  • Perform such other tasks as assigned by supervisor.   

Education/experience requirements:

Minimum Qualifications: Graduate of vocational nursing program must have passed state board LVN licensing requirements. Must be flexible and service oriented. Strong problem solving abilities with the ability to intervene immediately and awareness of changing conditions. Must have strong written ability to document and complete records and files. Valid CPR certification upon hire. Minimum 2 years nursing experience.

Preferred Qualifications: Four Year Bachelor’s Degree (BSN) and a registered nursing (RN) certification. Experience: Two years nursing experience preferred. Bilingual in English/Spanish is desirable.

Native American preference is observed:

KTTT recognizes preference for KTTT tribal members and qualified Native American tribal members including preferential treatment in recruitment, hiring, promotions, layoffs and reductions in force so long as they meet minimum job qualifications.

To apply for this job email your details to HR@ktttribe.org