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In order to be considered for any vacancy within the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas an application must be completed. If you are among qualified candidates, you will receive a call/email from our one of our recruiters to schedule an interview. Once your application is completed please send it to Human Resources Coordinator Claudia Gutierrez claudia.gutierrez@ktttribe.org

Employment Application

Job Description

Position:                              Bailiff & Warrant Officer     

Supervisor:                         Tribal Court Administrator

Division:                              Tribal Operation Administration      

Department:                        Tribal Court


Under general supervision, serves warrants of arrest, summons, subpoenas and all processes or documents issued by the court, inside and outside territorial limits of the Kickapoo Tribe. Takes prisoners into custody and some are escorted to the KTTT District Judge. Contact Defendants who have outstanding warrants and payment plans. Attend court sessions and maintain order, security and maintain order, security and decorum in the KTTT District Court offices and court room. Screen defendants for firearms, knives or other harmful objects. Assist Defendants and the public by explaining court procedures. Duties are performed with high degree of independent judgment within the law and established policies and procedures and it requires the application of considerable initiative and public relations.

Essential Duties and responsibilities include the following: 

  • Serve warrants of arrest and capias pro-fines inside and outside KTTT limits.
  • Take prisoners into custody and escort them to the KTTT Tribal Police Department, maverick County Sheriff Department and KTTT District Court when requested by the Judge.
  • (Perform a variety of duties in processing, prisoners including booking and release procedures).
  • Prepare the offense and supplement reports and related paperwork when needed.
  • Perform warrant searches in the computer system to verify warrant status. Assist the KTTT District Court in handling the payment arrangements and installments. Verifies that all documents are properly executed and explains court procedures to defendants and the public.
  • Attend court session and maintains order, security and decorum in the courtroom during trials and hearings escorts jurors and guards them from outside contact; oversees the physical maintenance of the courtroom including seating arrangement, equipment working condition, etc.
  • Serve summons, warrants, subpoenas, orders and other processes issued by the KTTT Court inside and outside territorial limits of the Kickapoo Tribe in coordination with other departments and agencies.
  • Contact defendants who have outstanding warrants, case in the KTTT District Court and maintain a log of the contacted persons by phone or in person.
  • Assist KTTT Tribal Police Department on emergencies when necessary.
  • May perform related work as required.
  • Perform such other tasks as may be assigned from time to time by supervisor.

Education/experience requirements:

Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma or graduation equivalent diploma (GED).

Completion of the Eagle Pass Basic Training Academy or equivalent academy; or must be able to successfully complete the P.O.S.T. Equivalency Test within one (1) year after employment.

At least two years of experience as Police Officer and one year of experience in procedures, operation, and decorum of the KTTT District Court (or state or federal court) or a combination of both.

Must be able to attend the require trainings set forth by the Kickapoo Tribe, including the required training for court personnel.

Native American preference is observed:

KTTT recognizes preference for KTTT tribal members and qualified Native American tribal members including preferential treatment in recruitment, hiring, promotions, layoffs and reductions in force so long as they meet minimum job qualifications.

To apply for this job email your details to claudia.gutierrez@ktttribe.org